3D Modelling for CGI  


Course Summary

Code: D06-43D  

Starting: Thursday 18 June 2020 

Location: Hyde Park House  

Duration: 5 sessions over 5 week(s)

Time: 19:00 - first lesson is 02:00hrs

Cost: Fee £30  


Are you interested in learning how modern movies and videogames create their computer-generated showpieces? On this course you will learn the inner workings of how to design and create your own computer-generated animations using the same techniques and workflows used in the animation industry.

The CGI animation course will cover the following elements.
- Using keyframes to animate objects
- The basic rules of animation
- How to create a character rig
- How to attach a 3D modelled character to a rig so that the character can be animated
- How to create lighting
- How to render your animation into a video   


Hyde Park House  
Mutley Plain  
PL4 6LF  

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